Théophile HALLAUX

Theophile was born in Auderghem in 1933. His father was a gardener at Red Monastery. He has fond memories of the time he accompanied his father in his work.





Patrick is a real « bruxellois» ; and and no stranger to the saga of the Vandergoten family for in 1970 he was one of those who rescued the horses of René Vandergoten when there was a fire in the Quai de la Houille stables.


virginie-coumansVirginie COUMANS

Archivist-historian at Brussels City Archives. She has worked on the « Fonds Vandergoten » archive, which was acquired by the City in 2011. She is the author of a study  on the history of the enterprise which accompanied two exhibitions of selected items from the Fonds (Sep/oct  2017 and oct 2018).

Rogeroger-vdgr VANDERGOTEN

Son of Frans Vandergoten (1917-1995) he worked for the
firm «Vandergoten Sons» from when he was 16 until he retired at the age of 62.